Estahban Cement


Estahban Cement is one of the oldest and largest cement production factories in south of Iran, active in producing all types of  cements. The features of this factory including being close to south provinces and accessing to Persian Gulf's high seas through southern ports eases the presence of Estahban cement in foreign and domestic markets. Due to marketing, planning and high export potential of Estahban cement, this company has an important role in inflow of foreign currency entry and increase in export share of Fars province among the country. After change of ownership and new management group embarking on June 2017, studying domestic market and feasibility study of presence in the market of middle east countries, Persian Gulf countries and middle asia, the new board of directors of our  Company decided to produce white cement and white clinker which was produced in Estahban Cement Factory for the first time in the country in 2017/08/26 using specialized studies, consultation, laboratory studies by professional experts, effective experiences and engineers' technical knowledge of this factory. This process proceeds till 2020/1/28. Now, Estahban Cement Complex has the capacity to produce all types of gray cement and most of its productions are exported to foreign countries.