Estahban Cement

Technical specifications of product line

Raw materials required to produce gray cement are provided from the factory's mine which are analyzed after depoting and then they are subjected to grinding process in the rock crusher. After achieving the required gradation, materials are transferred to materials' bunker according to the evaluation of quality control unit with specified percent. Then they are transferred to ball mill for abrasion process and their gradation and analysis are determined by laboratory unit and the result is reported to production unit to regulate grinding parameters. Materials are transferred to silos for storing after grinding and then enter the stage of preheating and furnace. After the required processes in the furnace, output product of clinker is produced and transferred to grit for cooling which has one of the best technologies for cooling and then enters the silo. Gray clinker is sampled in specified times and its qualitative characteristics are examined and measured. Then, clinker enters cement's ball mill. Quality control unit samples output cement of the mill to report the results to the production unit in order to regulate mill parameters of the cement. Finally, gray cement is transferred to silos and is delivered in bags or in bulk according to customer needs.